Frequency Flood

There’s one in your hometown. That one ad that comes on… again, again, and again.

It’s a tried and true method and it works every time.

Odds are it’s a well-funded politician, furniture store, home services company, or a car dealer. After all, those are the advertisers who can traditionally afford to saturate a cable zone or a TV DMA. 

Now that more people are streaming videos, it’s a tactic that nearly every advertiser can take advantage of. It’s a simple matter of saturating whatever size audience your budget allows. 

We have several strategies for identifying, targeting, and optimizing audiences once a campaign is underway. In the meantime, you can use a few basic methods to estimate your target population and ultimately your budget. Simple Google searches can give you a good estimate. For example:

“How many people vote in Florida Federal elections?”

“How many houses are built a year in Chicago?”

“How many families have children in Clark County, WA?”

You can also apply common market assumptions to known populations. For example, let’s say you work in insurance and your sales trainers have always told you that 2% of adults will buy life insurance every year. Use that 2% and apply it to the population of your county, state or region.


Want a real time inventory estimate? Get in touch. Adavanza will cross reference your ideal target with our thousands of consumer data streams and tell you exactly how many are available in any given month.