Don’t throw your TV ad on TikTok

Dear Client (Whom we are so grateful to work with),

Pretty please, with sugar on top… Don’t ask us to throw your TV ad on TikTok.

TV ads are created to be viewed on a larger screen in a lean-back, high-production environment. A TV ad needs to be that perfect wine pairing for the chef’s special.

TikTok ads are viewed on a smaller screen at a lean-forward, wicked-fast pace. They’re downing content faster than their counterpart creators can make it. The ads need to match the vibe of the platform, be highly creative and interactive, and incorporate trending hashtags and music.

We like doing both, but they’re two very different environments. The strategies can be in alignment, but let’s make time for them both.



PS. Can you please revoke Bill’s facebook admin status? He doesn’t need to go anywhere near the company account.