There is no magic bullet for advertising in a global pandemic.  I have exactly two weeks of experience marketing in COVID-19 America. As of this writing I have not collected any solid case studies.

However, If you own a brick and mortar location, please do these four things on Google My Business immediately.  Most business owners have not.  People will be forgiving for the foreseeable future, but you owe it to your customers to keep them informed. 

1) Claim Your Business on Google My Business (If you haven’t already)

  • Search for your business in Google Maps
  • Click “Claim this business”
  • Select an option to verify and follow the guided steps

2) Update with Images to Tell Your Story

Most times, GMB defaults to a street view image taken by a passing car years ago.  Not only is it a terrible rendering, but it also might not even be your location.  Often times in a strip mall or business park, the featured business is just the closest door to the street.  

In a normal world, you want to show your customer what your front door looks like, the vibe of your reception area and some friendly faces they’ll see when they get there. 

Now, it’s more essential.  People want to feel safe when they leave their house. If you have a sign on the door informing customers of social distancing guidelines, put an image of that on GMB too.  Put people at ease before they leave the house. 

Update Your Hours

Google my business is already footnoting all brick and mortar stores with warnings that times may change because of COVID-19.  Beat them to it and make your customer feel at ease.  If you have new hours or services, update them.  It only takes a minute and will go a long way.

Update Your Services

You don’t have to rebrand your business because of temporary changes, but you should make a note if you have changed your offerings for COVID-19.

Just include a note like “Normally we offer widgets, and fidgets and whatsits.  However, due to limited staff with COVID-19, we are offering only these essential services…”

There are a lot of other “in the weeds” things that you can do to boost your Local SEO results. If you would like to get more in depth on your Local SEO strategy, we can help.  But start with the suggestions above.  Your customers deserve it.