Hyper Targeted

Programmatic advertising has nearly unlimited targeting options. Adavanza’s Programmatic platform has over 70 different third party data sources providing thousands of ways to segment a marketer’s target audience. Typical Adavanza Programmatic campaigns marry content targeting, structured data from 3rd party sources, first party data from the advertiser, unstructured data from third party sources, and/or geo targeting. The marketer relies on Adavanza’s expertise and built-in artificial intelligence to guarantee optimal campaign performance from the first impression.

What Mediums Can Marketers Use?

Over The Top TV

Reach cord-cutting TV viewers that are not available with traditional TV.


People check their email an average of fifteen times every day. As a result, Email Marketing is the number one direct response marketing vehicle online.

Streaming Audio

Consumers are able to experience life through their own personal soundtracks. Target audiences while they go about their day.


Micro hits at high frequency compliment every campaign and and tie cornerstone efforts together.


Programmatic Video is as scalable as banner advertising with all of the innovative targeting options but in a more desirable video format.

Why is Adavanza the best partner for Programmatic Advertising?

Most partners choose Adavanza because of the focus on quality, execution, and technology.