Media Strategy + Negotiation

Radio, Television, Newspaper. It used to be so easy. Negotiate a schedule at the beginning of the year. Set it and forget it.

That’s not the reality anymore.

New options are being introduced every day. With that comes new best practices and new potential pitfalls for advertisers.

There is good news. With new options come new opportunities. Traditional media is now more affordable for many brands while the digital sphere offers work arounds locally and efficiency nationally.

The team at Adavanza has negotiated over $500 Million in media. We know what works, what doesn’t and how to get you the best deal possible.

No Cost to You

Hiring a media buyer doesn’t cost you anything. It’s like a real estate agency. An advertising agency gets a discount (or agency commission) from media vendors.  

Advertisers get a professional on their side of the table. Media vendors get a knowledgeable customer in the agency and can allocate resources elsewhere.  

It’s a win, win, win.

Media Dollars Negotiated