Location Insight

Adavanza’s location insight reports allow you to see the marketplace before you spend. See who’s physically visiting you, who’s visiting your competition and who’s missing out completely.

We draw a polygon around the locations you want to see, combine permission-based app location data with census data to provide invaluable insights about who’s visiting.

These reports are the ideal starting point for tourism, quick serve, retail and automotive advertisers who want to start their campaigns as efficiently as possible. We can also use the same reports to attribute the effectiveness of our strategies throughout the year.

Full data sets include:

– People flow by day of the week

– People flow by hour of day

– Top 5 Zip Codes visiting the location

– Visitor Frequency

– Age Distribution of visitors

– Household Income 

Tourism organization across the country are using these reports to acquire hotel lodging tax revenue from local government budgets.